Economic Policy

Indian economy needs to make a breakthrough both in terms of growth and productivity to ensure a better and more equitable social order than what has been the case so far. To secure the lives and livelihood of its teeming millions the country needs to relook at its economic and social indicators. A roadmap to do away the uncertainties in minds of most among over a billion people about their future is greatly called for. This is so since quite large sections of Indians still find themselves to be in a precarious zone. Economic growth, asset-building and development need to be linked with actual progress in the lives of people to shape their productive and positive role in the society with reasonably decent and improved levels of living.

The ICPRD strives towards finding ways and means to achieve this by collecting data, taking feedback from the ground, and engaging with domain experts with proven track-record and commitment to socio-economic growth of India and Indians where they are able to contribute their bit and do more for a stable, progressive and peaceful world order.