Food Security

There can be nothing more worrisome than the fact that India lags behind in the supply of basic and healthy food for its citizens. Tens of millions of people are reported to be undernourished in the country. Children and women are worst sufferers. Of late India has been sliding down in the World Food Security Index. The quality of food available for the poor strata of society is woefully short of desired calorie levels. This has its effect upon the working classes health and efficiency at work. A food security law was passed by the Central Government in 2013 to ensure adequate food supply to the poor from the stocks available with the Government-run Food Corporation of India. This was meant to ward off non-availability of food and consequent starvation among abysmally poor Indians. Yet, mere survival with Government help solves only half the problem. It is more of a last resort to ward off starvation and the possibility of death because of dearth of food. The need is to ensure that none in the country goes without adequate and nourishing food.

Thus, the food security law needs to be taken forward by creating conditions where none suffer from the pangs of hunger and eat enough to feel fit and face the onslaught of potential diseases, infections and similar other threats to life. ICPRD is drawing a plan to make this possible for all Indians without any exceptions.