International Relations & Foreign Policy

In the fast changing world order bringing frequent shifts in security environment and myriad other areas like trade, travel and technological exchanges among countries and continents India’s foreign policy and diplomacy need to be put on a more sure-footing, anticipation and advanced planning than what has recently been turning out to be the case. For instance, the recent outbreak of Corona pandemic has awaken the world to health and vaccine diplomacy for which not only India but also most other countries of the world were hardly prepared or woke up rather late in the day. Today’s more closely interconnected world calls for a greater watch over trends and events right from the immediate neighbourhood to far off parts of the world. Bridging the existing gaps in data and feedback from around the world is a call that experts and diplomats need for forward planning and safeguarding the country’s interests. India has a large pool of diplomatic corps both in its missions abroad and back home, including those who have retired after years of active service and, thus, have a rich experience in international affairs. Involving them in strategic planning and economic diplomacy needs more focus to meet India’s best interests.

ICPRD looks forward for meaningful interaction with all such experts, diplomatic hands both from Indian Foreign Service and members of academia specialising in international relations, diplomacy and region-specific studies for better understanding of the issues and to raise India’s standing in the world.