India Centre for Policy Research and Development (ICPRD) is a voluntary and non-profit organisation. A team of committed members of policy experts and intellectuals have conceptualised it with the idea to make effective policy intervention to bring change and give a new thrust to policy making. The main focus of the ICPRD is to bridge the gap between policy and public. The participation of stakeholders in policy making is the key area for us and it is with the sole intent to improve the lot of India and Indians. ICPRD believes in gathering policy inputs from the people or direct stakeholders in order to review the existing policies and assess their efficacy before drawing any conclusion.

A thorough research of public policy and issues related to its implementation has always been felt in India. So ICPRD is committed to connect policy making with the larger public sphere to ward off its failure, glitches and sloths. A robust policy mechanism is what ICPRD is for putting in place to speed up India's growth story and its people's prosperity.