Privacy Policies

This is to state that INDIA CENTRE FOR POLICY RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT (ICPRD) does not collect any information on our website except the expressly stated modes below. We do not share this data with anybody for any reason except where described below.

1) We thank you for your interest in ICPRD and welcome your suggestions to improve our website or to offer your service. You may also wish to contact us for availing assistance of any kind. The “Contact Us” section is our window of communication. You may choose to share information such as email address/ phone number/ mailing address in the form to enable proper response to your query. This information will be stored and used to send you reports on the work we pursue. You will have the option to Unsubscribe at any time.

2) We look to our readers to donate funds which enable us to continue our work. The “Donate” section is the gateway which allows you to contribute. We are conscious of the concerns of donors regarding the safeguarding of sensitive financial and personal information during the transaction. This policy sets out the system in place to ensure your security.

• Your donation is protected and encrypted to enable complete end to end security.

• We will be issuing a receipt and 80G certificate against your deduction and must therefore collect your name, address, phone number, residence status, PAN Number and email address to dispatch an e-receipt and/or courier a hard copy. If you only want an e-receipt, you need not provide your mailing address and phone number. No hard copy will be issued, nor is it necessary to claim IT benefits. You may choose not to share your PAN Number. In such a case, CPAA will be required to pay income tax at current rates, normally 30% of donated amount.

• This data will be stored securely with us to ensure we can retrieve information which may be needed by you at a later point of time such as due to loss of a receipt and/or for requests from the proper authorities in case of scrutiny.


The information contained in this site is intended for general reference purposes only. It is India’s prominent Think Tank on Public Policy and advocacy. It is an ideal forum for intellectual interaction on varied developmental issues and related matters guiding policy formulation.

Refund Policy:

• In case of the unlikely event of an erroneous donation or if the donor would like to cancel his donation, the donor may send ICPRD an email, within 2 days of making the donation, to [email protected] with valid reasons for the same.

• Email must be sent from the same email id mentioned during donating.

• A proof of deduction of the donation amount must be included.

• ICPRD will respond to the donor within 7 working days of receiving a valid request for refund. A valid refund request will be processed, depending upon the type of banking instrument used during the transaction and the payee bank.

• Incase the tax exemption certificate has been already issued; we will unfortunately, not be able to refund the donation.

Contact [email protected] for any further information regarding privacy policy.